Renewable Energy

Eastern Iowa REC offers you a renewable energy program

Eastern Iowa REC has a net metering tariff available for small, appropriate-sized alternate energy projects. 

AEP-3 Tariff Design capacity less than 20kW. Net metered.
AEP-3 Member Information Packet
AEP-4 Tariff Design capacity larger than 20 kW.  Not net metered.
AEP-4 Member Information Packet
AEP-5 Tariff Co-Generation, Small Power and Alternative Energy Producer Buy Back Rate

Alternate Energy Producer Tariff

What You Need to Know
EILP won't offer net metering with another discounted rate on the same account, for example an electric heat rate.

Should a member's AEP facility become inoperable & require repair, the member should immediately notify EILP.

Contact Don Roth, Eastern Iowa REC division manager of member service, about renewable energy projects. Email or call, 1-800-728-1242.

Solar Energy Guide

Eastern Iowa REC members who have an interest in solar energy have a resource to aid in making an informed decision. The Iowa Energy Center has published the Home Series: Solar PV Energy Guide in collaboration with the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, Alliant Energy, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, and MidAmerican Energy with information from the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Iowa Utilities Board. 

Click here to download a copy of the Solar Energy Guide. For a hard copy, contact Don Roth or call 800-728-1242.

Other Renewable Energy Options

EILP members can purchase energy from an Iowa wind farm through a contract signed by the Cooperative’s power supplier, Central Iowa Power Cooperative.

Energy provided under this program is billed at the normal rate, plus an additional charge ($2.50 per block) to cover the added cost of acquiring this renewable resource. We will sell wind generated electric energy in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks.

To take part call, toll-free, 1-800-728-1242.

System Performance Data
System Performance Data
Eastern Iowa REC has wind turbine and solar array installed at our DeWitt service center. The Cooperative’s wind turbine has a rated peak capacity of 2.4 kW. The solar array has a rated peak capacity of 3.1 kW.


Which application is the net metered application?


Does EILP balance the account monthly or are the excess kWh's produced by the facility carried over month to month?

Any excess kWh's delivered to the electrical grid by the facility shall be converted to a cash value and credited to the member-consumer as a bill credit by the Cooperative at a rate equal to the Cooperative's avoided cost for that year as defined in the PURPA regulations.

What are the Time of Use periods?

On Peak -- 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Off Peak -- all remaining hours every day.

What is the current avoided cost rate?

$0.03012 per kWh generated off peak.

$.10712 per kWh gnerated on peak.

Are there size restrictions for net metering?

Yes. Facility name plate capacity shall be limited to no more than 20 kW and shall be sized appropriately for the member's kW demand.

Can I install a system larger than 20 kW?


Will a system larger than 20 kW be net metered?

No. The meter will record kWh delivered to the member separately from those delivered to the Cooperative. All energy delivered to the Cooperative will be registered and credit will be issued for such energy on the billing statement.

What application do I fill out for a system larger than 20 kW?