Performance Data

Eastern Iowa REC has supported the development of reliable and cost-effective renewable energy alternatives.

The Cooperative sees renewable energy as one piece in the total energy puzzle.  To further develop the Cooperative’s interest in renewable energy, the organization has installed a wind turbine and an 18-panel solar array at the DeWitt service center.  

The turbine sits atop a 50-foot steel tower and has a rated peak capacity of 2.4 kW. The blades are approximately six feet long and are made of a reinforced fiberglass composite material. The solar array has a rated peak capacity of 3.1 kW with six solar panels attached to each post located next to the wind turbine.

Each month the output from the wind turbine and solar array will be reported in the Eastern Iowa REC member newsletter, Current Newsand posted here, along with the weather statistics for the area. The weather figures are gathered from the Iowa Department of Transportation Roadway Weather Information system found online at  Three readings are taken each day to come up with the monthly average.

Eastern Iowa REC Wind Turbine/Solar Array Data
Date Avg. Temp. Avg. Wind Speed Wind Turbine Solar Array
January, 2018 21.6F 7.73 mph 138 kWh 177 kWh
February, 2018 25.0F 7.42 mph 141kWh 182 kWh
March, 2018 35.9F 8.09 mph 206 kWh 434 kWh
April, 2018 42.9F 8.93 mph 195 kWh 420 kWh
May, 2018 71.1F 9.03 mph 123 kWh 462 kWh
June, 2018 75.3F 8.02 mph 78 kWh 432 kWh
July, 2018 75.6F 6.24 mph 48 kWh 250 kWh
August, 2018 73.3F 4.98 mph 49 kWh 434 kWh
September, 2018 69.0F 5.94 mph 55 kWh 212 kWh**
October, 2018 50.1F 7.29 mph 118 kWh 296 kWh
November, 2018 32.5F 7.21 mph 128 kWh 178 kWh
December, 2018 30.8F 6.30 mph 110 kWh 175 kWh
January, 2019 18.6F 8.18 mph 192 kWh 154 kWh

** Solar array was off-line for a unknown length of time during September, 2018.

Performance Data