Rebates & Efficiency

Reward yourself for energy efficiency

At Eastern Iowa REC, we want to provide you affordable, reliable, and safe electrical service. Part of the way we carry out that mission is offering you rebates! Some of the equipment rebates we offer are:

  • Electric water heater and hot water saving equipment

CLICK HERE to read Eastern Iowa REC's energy efficiency statement.

CLICK HERE to download the Ag Rebate Brochure
CLICK HERE to download the Residential Rebate Brochure
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Get rid of your old refrigerator, freezer or window air conditioner and get paid to do it through the Eastern Iowa REC Pull The Plug program.  Cooperative members should now call the CLEAR-esults appliance recycling center directly to schedule an appliance pick-up as part of the Pull the Plug program.  That toll free number is 855-838-7817.  When scheduling an appliance pick-up, you must identify yourself as an Eastern Iowa REC member and be prepared to provide your account number. 

With the “Pull the Plug” program, you can receive an incentive of $35 for old refrigerators and $25 for old window air conditioners and freezers.  Only appliances that still operate will be accepted for the program.  It's important that the appliances are operable so that the actual energy savings for removing an inefficient appliance are realized.  

Other Important Information

All rebates are mutually exclusive and at the discretion of the Cooperative.  All rebates less than $100 will be credited to the member's electric bill. At the Cooperative’s discretion, rebates of any amount will be applied to any past due amounts on the member’s electric bill. Members must apply for rebates with six months of the purchase date (as shown on the member's invoice.) Past eligibility, however, does not guarantee that equipment will meet criteria for current programs in effect. 

Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps
It's important to make smart use of electricity. Check out our heat pumps today!

All rebate forms are available with the "fill-in" option so they can be completed online rather than printing the form out and then filling in the data. Please be sure to complete the following steps when submitting a rebate packet:

1. Click on the name for the form you wish to submit and it will show as a download at the bottom of the screen (the black title of the form)
2. Enter all the information in the required fields
3. Print out the completed form
4. Sign all pages where required
5. Mail the completed form, along with any supporting documentation or receipts to: REBATES, Eastern Iowa REC, PO Box 3003, Wilton, IA 52778-3003
6. Please note, you cannot save or email the completed rebate form
7. Print a second copy of the rebate form for your own records

Downloadable forms: 

  • Electric Water Heater & Hot Water Saving Equipment
    Resistance Storage Unit (45-55 gal., electric replacement) $75 Resistance Storage Unit (45-55 gal., new construction or gas replacement) $250 Resistance Storage Unit (45-55 gal., w/ first time Heat Plus Rate) $250 Resistance Storage w/ geothermal (45-55 gal.) $250 Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater (stand alone units) $650 Drain water heater recovery pipe (requires electric water heater) $450
  • Electric Clothes Washer/Dryer
    Clothes Washer (w/ electric water heater) $40 Clothes Dryer $20
  • Air Quality
    Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)/Air-to-Air heat exchanger - $250
  • Air Conditioning
    Central air conditioner (min. SEER of 15.0 & EER 12.5) $100
  • Air-Source Heat Pumps
    Standard Air Source Heat Pump - $250/ton Standard Hybrid/Add-On Heat Pump - $350/ton Energy Star® Air Source Heat Pump - $250/ton + $250 Bonus Energy Star® Hybrid/Add-On Heat Pump - $350/ton + $250 Bonus (Energy Star® = SEER 15.0+, EER 12.5+, HSPF 8.5+) Heat Plus Rate/Meter - $100/home
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
    Geothermal heat pump w/ closed loop - $450/ton Geothermal Heat Pump w/ open loop - $350/ton Geothermal Unit Only (existing closed/open loop) - $150/ton Heat Plus Rate/Meter/single home - $100 Heat Plus Rate/Meter/apartment or shared building $50
  • Residential Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
    All lighting products must be Energy Star rated or Design Lights qualified. Hard wired LED Fixtures $5/fixture LED Lights 20-34 Watts $10/fixture 35-49 Watts $20/fixture 50-74 Watts $40/fixture 75-124 Watts $50/fixture 125 Watts and more $60/fixture
  • Commercial Lighting (Large projects will need pre-approval.)
    All lighting products must be Energy Star® rated or Design Lights qualified.
  • Agricultural Lighting
    All lighting products must be Energy Star rated or Design Lights qualified.
  • Livestock Equipment
    All lighting products must be Energy Star rated or Design Lights qualified.
  • Livestock Ventilation
    See form for details.
  • Residential Weatherization Program
    KEY PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Applies to upgrades on residential homes built before 1996 (no new additions). Must have electric heat and/or central air conditioning. Total project cost must be $150 or more to be eligible.
  • Residential New Home Construction
    Premier Electric Home Bonus-see form for details $200. All Star Home Bonus--see form for details $500
  • Electric Car Charger
    Residential Level II charger $500