Get paid to recycle with the Pull the Plug Program
October 2, 2017

Get paid to recycle

How expensive is that extra can of soda? If you have an older refrigerator running in your basement or garage to keep extra beverages cold, you could be spending much more in additional energy costs.  Older, less energy efficient, refrigerators can use at least 20% more energy monthly than newer Energy Star® models.  How many families have made the decision to replace their old refrigerator with a new, energy-efficient model?  If the old appliance was just moved out to the garage or basement, it is still increasing your energy bill.

Get rid of that old refrigerator, freezer or window air conditioner and get paid to do it through the Eastern Iowa REC Pull The Plug program.
Cooperative members should now call the CLEAR-esults appliance recycling center directly to schedule an appliance pick-up as part of the Pull the Plug program.  That toll free number is 855-838-7817.  When scheduling an appliance pick-up, you must identify yourself as an Eastern Iowa REC member and be prepared to provide your account number. 

With the “Pull the Plug” program, you can receive an incentive of $35 for old refrigerators and $25 for old window air conditioners and freezers.
Only appliances that still operate will be accepted for the program.  It's important that the appliances are operable so that the actual energy savings for removing an inefficient appliance are realized.  

Get paid to recycle with the Pull the Plug Program