Don’t fall for scam calls
August 14, 2017

Beware of scams

Eastern Iowa REC is asking all members to be alert to a ongoing phone scam targeting utility customers. Callers claiming to represent electric utilities are contacting consumers threatening disconnection for unpaid bills. A Cooperative member recently received such a call. Many customers have reported getting calls from someone claiming to be a utility representative warning that their account has a problem and that they will be disconnected without immediate payment. The caller then asks for a credit card or bank account information. Sometimes the caller will request the victim to purchase a pre-paid debit card.
Callers attempting these scams can be very aggressive and demand immediate payment. The scams can also involve collecting Social Security numbers, credit card information and bank routing numbers from victims in order to facilitate the bogus credit. Any Eastern Iowa REC member who receives such a call should hang up and call police, then report the incident to the Cooperative, toll free, 1-800-728-1242.