SmartHub Payment Notice

New SmartHub Payment Portal

Here’s how SmartHub may affect how you are currently paying your monthly bill

If you are using one of the Cooperative’s online or automated bill payment programs, you may have to update or change some of your information.  The following information may be helpful:

  • Members who have previously created an online account through our website or have used our phone automated system will be required to create a SmartHub account as a new user. Previous user names and passwords for our online system or PIN numbers for the phone automated system will not carry over to the new SmartHub system.
  • For members who previously enrolled in electronic billing options, this feature will need to be set up again using your new SmartHub account. You will continue to receive a paper statement until you have enrolled through SmartHub.
  • The phone number that had been used for our automated payment system has been changed to 844-749-3058; and not only are checking and savings account payments accepted through this new phone number, but credit card and debit card payments are accepted as well.
  • If you are currently enrolled in our automated monthly payment plan where your payment is withdrawn directly by the Cooperative on the 20th of each month, your payment will continue to be automatically made. A SmartHub account can still be created to view your bill and look at our other billing options. Previously, the automatic payment plan could only be set up to withdraw from a checking or savings account, but through SmartHub, you have the option to set up the automatic payments using a credit or debit card.  Changes to existing banking information can be made by creating a SmartHub account and updating your recurring payment account.
  • Please remember, that with all of these changes, the Cooperative will continue to accept payments through the mail using a check or money order and payments will be accepted at service centers in DeWitt, Lone Tree, Wapello and Wilton.

Download a copy of the above information here

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Wilton, IA 52778
Phone: 800-728-1242
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Phone: 563-659-3146
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